PiHut Controller Support


ThePiHut Controller

These are branded controllers that can be bought from thePiHut. They use a dongle, but are functionally very similar to the PS4 controllers, with analogue front triggers making them a step up in terms of controls from the Rock Candy and similar.

Supported by code added by Mike Horne (@recantha) from version 2.0.1 onwards.

class approxeng.input.pihut.PiHut(dead_zone=0.05, hot_zone=0.05)[source]

Driver for the PiHut PS3-alike controller

__init__(dead_zone=0.05, hot_zone=0.05)[source]

Discover and initialise a PiHut controller connected to this computer.

static registration_ids()[source]

list of (vendor_id, product_id) for this controller